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Introducing Thinkpath Engineering Services (TES)

With nearly four decades of experience, TES is a global leader in engineering and design services.

Our goal is to partner with our clients and build solutions that deliver project success.

TES can provide a fully integrated service, providing customized solutions in: Engineering & Design Services, Technical Publishing & Documentation and On-site Engineering Support.

Why use TES?

TES is the company to trust when you need a practical and innovative resolution to help build your foundation of success.


Not all engineering projects fit into conventional categories and not all problems have straightforward solutions.

Our highly skilled people; frontline, support and management, are the best in their field. We demand this so we can ensure that you receive the quality service you deserve.


Our uncompromising commitment to quality means we utilize best practices throughout when we undertake to manage or complete a project for you.

What sets us apart from other companies providing engineering services is; we understand that quality and costs are very important to our clients. This is why we offer Engineering Design Services on-site, and in-house, which means we can supply the right combination of cost-efficiencies and high standards.